iOmx is generating a pipeline of proprietary drug candidates against its novel immune-oncology programs. Leveraging its systematic approach to identify novel checkpoint modulators directly on tumor samples using the iOTarg platform, iOmx is unveiling organ-specific tumor evasion strategies to develop next-generation of targeted cancer immunotherapies that have monotherapy potential. The Company plans to establish clinical proof-of-concept for select drug candidates.

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Program Target and Modality Indications Discovery Lead ID Lead Optimization IND Enabling Clinical Ph I
IMT-18 IGSF11 Monoclonal antibody Solid tumors
IMT-19 Undisclosed Monoclonal antibody Solid tumors
IMT-02 CCR9 Engineered monoclonal antibody Autoimmune disease
IMT-07 SIK3 Small molecule kinase inhibitor Solid tumors
IMT-10 Undisclosed Small molecule kinase inhibitor Solid tumors and Hem-Onc
IMT-01 Undisclosed Small molecule inhibitor Solid tumors