iOmx is generating a pipeline of proprietary drug candidates against its novel immune-oncology targets. Leveraging its systematic approach to identify novel checkpoint modulators directly on tumor samples using the iOTargTM platform, iOmx is unveiling organ-specific tumor evasion strategies to develop the next-generation of targeted cancer immunotherapies which have monotherapy potential. The company’s lead candidate OMX-0407, a novel SIK inhibitor, is currently being investigated in a first-in-human clinical trial.

OMX-0407 – a novel SIK inhibitor:
OMX-0407 is an orally available, first-in-class spectrum-selective inhibitor of SIK (salt-inducible kinase). The SIK family member SIK3 was identified as a novel immune checkpoint target in tumor cells by using iOmx’s systematic screening platform, iOTarg™. SIK3 is known for regulating the NF-κB-driven gene landscape through phosphorylation of class IIa histone deacetylases (HDACs) and CREB-regulated transcriptional coactivators causing the tumor to evade death receptor-mediated killing. Downregulation of this pathway with OMX-0407 potentiates apoptosis by death receptor ligands, such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) in preclinical studies. Complementary to potentiating apoptosis-inducing TME effector molecules, OMX-0407 directly interferes with tumor cell proliferation.

Clinical development of OMX-0407:
A first-in-human dose-escalation trial of OMX-0407 monotherapy in patients with previously treated unresectable solid tumors has started in March 2023 (NCT05826600), to be completed by mid 2024.

IOMX-0675: A dual targeting cross-specific antibody:
The IOMX-0675 antibody program addresses a key immunoregulatory receptor family expressed on myeloid cells and other immune cells. This receptor superfamily contains both immune-suppressive as well as immune-activating receptors, displaying very high structural homology.
IOMX-0675 is targeting the two most potent immunosuppressive members of this family, which were identified through the proprietary iOTarg™ platform. In a dual targeting approach, iOmx has generated a fully human, cross-specific, high-affinity ligand-blocking antibody that simultaneously neutralizes both key immune-suppressive receptors, while sparing the closely related immune-activating members of the receptor family. Dual targeting of these receptors on myeloid cells results in a pronounced anti-tumor immune response, retuning the tumor microenvironment and activating T cells against cancer cells.
IOMX-0675 has been recently advanced into IND-enabling studies, to be finalized by Eo2024.

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Program Target and Modality Indications Discovery Lead ID Lead Optimization IND Enabling Clinical Ph I
IMT-07 / OMX-0407 SIK3 Small molecule kinase inhibitor Solid tumors
IMT-NN Undisclosed Monoclonal antibody Solid tumors
Discovery Programs Undisclosed Monoclonal antibodies Solid tumors